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Loving Luke

Yes, the title means I am still in Luke. Which means I am behind. And I am a bit bummed by being behind because I am now starting the busiest two weeks of work, which just so happen to coincide with when I will be finishing reading through the Bible! I know I can do it with God’s help, and He will keep watch over me these coming weeks. (more on other changes next week!)

So besides still being in Luke, I really am loving it. It’s nice to read the gospels so quickly to really grasp the stories and find new meanings in them the more I read them. For instance, a light was turned on for me when reading the Parable of the Tenants (Luke 20:9-16) multiple times, and I fully understood what Jesus was saying. His parables are incredibly deep, and being able to re-read them through the gospels has been a blessing for me.

Something else that stood out to me was the frequent mention of humbling oneself in order to be exalted, and vice versa. Our culture so encourages exalting oneself, yet more often than not, those who encourage that are not realizing that life on earth will be gone in a blink of an eye, and life after death is more important! I often plan large events and enjoy being in the background, (which is a good thing, as the people I plan events for don’t know me!), yet I do enjoy receiving compliments if everything went smoothly. I don’t however, want to toot my own horn, and I thank God for the constant lessons in humility he gives me!

And that, my friends, is it for this evening, as I have a lot of reading to do! Congratulations goes out to the reader who finished a couple days ago- I saw it pass by on twitter. Can’t say that I wasn’t a tad bit jealous (there goes that humble thing again!) I pray that your reading is going well. We’re almost done!!!!

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New Testament

I’m there! I may only be on Matthew 5, but I’m there!

The prophets were challenging for me, and I do want to study them more in depth when I’m done reading (in 18 days! My goal is to finish in 88 days and I am going to do it!). I think it has been challenging due to our crazy summer schedule. We were in Colorado last week (hence no post for me last week) and it was a busy busy trip for us. I read a bit and thought I was more behind than I was, so was pleasantly surprised when I was only 2 1/2 days behind yesterday. In the midst of that, I really have been missing my daily am reading. With the crazy schedules, I have been reading here, there, and everywhere, but not my daily up at 6 reading. And with only a couple more weeks left (and this being the craziest time of year for me at work), I want to make sure I’m keeping that routine to stay focused throughout my day!

Those are my thoughts at this point in the game. I loved what Shannon shared and glad Amy posted it for all to see- it has been humbling, exciting, and energizing to read through the Bible in 90 days with this group. I have been able to chat with people about it at work, in the youth group, and other places. I am excited to finish strong and am praying that you are able to do the same!


Victory is mine, for I am caught up in my B90Days reading! I was behind last week, and read off and on this week. I was determined to be caught up by today, but when I realized I was very behind last night, I started to doubt whether or not it would happen. But guess what? 4ish hours later, I am a tiny bit ahead! I started at Job 8 last night and am now (it’s Sunday night) on Psalm 90. Woohoo!

I am enjoying the Psalms, although it is difficult to read them at such a fast pace. Most of the Old Testament books I enjoyed, but was ready to be done with them, especially when they were repetitious! Just being honest here… I know it’s God’s word and I should savor each word, but it’s been a bit challenging at some points! But now that we’re flying through Psalms, I’m finding it difficult to stay at such a fast pace, as I want to slow down a bit. I don’t always have a pen and paper with me when I read, but I will now do that to make sure I can go back at a later date to study various passages that I’m reading right now.

I have been having God-breezes (a FlyLady term) yesterday and today, and there have been many connections to my reading and also just to Him. I listened to Francis Chan’s message Surrender last night where he told his congregation at his church that he was leaving. He spoke about truly surrendering to Christ and what that means as we live our lives. This morning, my pastor also spoke about surrendering to Christ in relation to Jesus asking the Disciples “Who do you say I am?” in Mark 8:29. He touched on the prophecies of Christ from the Old Testament, and that was one of the pieces of Scripture that has stood out to me from my latest readings, especially about the piercing of his hands and feet. After studying John in BSF this past year and going into great depth about Jesus’ death and resurrection, and even thought I have read this passage before, it stood out to me distinctly and got me excited for the upcoming reading and to read Jesus’ words in the Bible. I am thankful for B90Days for the challenge and also for setting up an incredible scene for Jesus’ life.

What also stood out to me was how often God is described as unfailing in his love for us. It kept coming up and I couldn’t help but dwell on that word and how, try as we might, we often fail in this life. I promised to love my husband through good times and bad on our wedding day only 3 short years ago, yet there are days when it’s quite challenging to be unselfish, love him and put him first. I find myself sometimes being overly critical of ideas or people and not truly living out Christ’s love towards others. Yet through all of this, God’s love is unfailing. The Jesus Storybook Bible describes his love over and over as “Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.” I love that description, and each time I read it I am able to truly melt into those words and let them surround me in comfort and love. He’ll always be. He’ll always know. He’ll always love. How cool is that? If only I weren’t so human and could totally relinquish my perceived control of my life with the push of a button….

I pray that your reading is going well! You know the deal… if you’re not reading, why not?

Over 1/3 of the way done!

… And I’m 3 1/2 days behind…

So I’m behind. By a bit. It doesn’t seem to be too bad, but given that I’m still in the middle of 2 Chronicles and I’m supposed to be in Job, I’m a bit bummed. But not defeated. I’m still reading, and I’ll get there!

We survived camping and I’m now trying out being a mom of 2 while our 7 year old niece stays with us until next Saturday. I read all throughout camping and was even ahead, until coming home! Silly!

My latest thoughts on reading is that I need to truly appreciate God’s word. Given that I’m in the middle of 2 Chronicles, and it’s essentially recapping everything that’s already happened, it’s tough for me to read. I find myself longing to read another book, when I should really be asking God for a passion and desire to His Word. So that’s what I’ll be doing as I conquer my massive reading days that are ahead of me!

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Week 4!

I can’t believe we’re on Day 22 of reading through the Bible. I’m more than halfway through 2nd Samuel and am currently ahead, and I’m really loving my reading right now. It was a tad bit dry before, but now it’s completely engrossing and I’m enjoying reading through the events of David’s kingship.

So what’s been standing out lately to me? To say the least, nothing! I know it might sound bad on the surface, but at this point, I’m reading through everything quickly, loving it, and I’m not having too many any a-ha moments (besides the frustration of reading “Again the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord” over and over….). What I am experiencing is God’s plan unfolding before my eyes.

When my husband became a youth pastor, a friend of ours encouraged us to buy The Jesus Storybook Bible and we read through it with Charis when she was born. It’s an incredible book that lays out God’s plan for Jesus through the major stories in the Bible. I highly encourage you to check it out, as we enjoyed it just as much as Charis did! After reading that book, I am once again seeing how patient, detailed, and full of love God is. It’s absolutely incredible and I am so happy to be dedicating time each day to Him and spending time in the Word.

I pray that your reading is going well. If you’re not doing B90Days, why not? Are you getting annoyed with that question yet, my non-B90Days friends?? 🙂 Seriously. 90 Days. 1 amazing book. Give it a shot.

As for this coming week, we are headed out tomorrow morning for our church’s annual high school Bus Caravan camping trip. This is our first time tent camping with Charis (have no fear, we have the Drumm Palace, a spacious 10×17 foot tent), and I’m excited and just a tad bit nervous. I would appreciate prayers that I will not be wanting to be in control too much (aka I can relax and have a good time), that I will be able to continue reading each day, that I will connect with the high schoolers and leaders, and that I will be able to challenge the high schoolers to do B90Days themselves! Au revoir!


I didn’t read on Friday because my mom came to visit and we were having fun! It was really wild not reading for one day, however, as I couldn’t get back into the Word!
I’m glad I was ahead, because as of right now, I am right on schedule with my one day off of reading.
What’s been standing out in my mind lately, you ask? The following:

– The re-telling of how the Israelites built a golden calf so quickly when Moses was with God. It’s frustrating for me to read that, as it seems like they were in the best situation to completely obey God! But alas, like other Old Testament stories exemplify, we are a stiff-necked people, like sheep!

– Numbers 10:9 states that trumpets will rescue the people, and I thought of Gideon and his defeat of the Midianites with the blast of trumpets. God is faithful!

– Numbers wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I am truly loving my time reading and spending time along with God.

In related news, my husband stated that he wants to read through the entire Bible as well! Mid you, he’s a youth pastor and can read throughout the day, but I’m excited for him to join in the fun!

How is your B90Days reading going?

B90Days Weekly Check-In

Hooray! I just finished Leviticus this morning, which means I’m still ahead in reading through the Bible in 90 Days. I’m excited about this because I’m sure there will be other mornings like yesterday when I sleep in (even though I have an awesome wake up routine- Beckah Shae’s Here in This Moment plays on my iPhone at 6am, and 3 minutes later my alarm on my iPhone goes off- truth be told I forgot to set my iPhone alarm yesterday, which I think added to me not waking up! It’s motivation because I have about 40 seconds of quiet before the 2nd alarm goes off, allowing me to get out of bed to turn it off before it goes on!), so I want to stay ahead. And if I can finish early that would be awesome too! My competitive nature is definitely kicking into high gear, especially because I have challenged myself. I don’t have a goal of finishing early, but I do want to finish strong and make the most of the journey!

I really enjoyed the connections I made to Jesus in Leviticus this morning. Leviticus 16:22 describes the goat carrying the sins of the Israelites having to go to a solitary place in the desert. Having studied John in my BSF class this past spring, this passage about the goat reminded me of the crucifixion of Jesus stood out in my mind and made me think about how he endured the sins of the world before he died and was alone on the cross. I also thought about how eating blood was forbidden, and now we remember Jesus by drinking his blood during Communion.

I pray that your reading is going well! Onto Numbers for me in the morning! I leave you with two photos of my cutie pie!

Ready to rock n roll!

Cooling off at the splash park!

Day 5

Day 5 and done with reading for day 8!

Reading Leviticus is interesting. It’s a bit repetitive in the beginning with the requirements for the sacrifices that must be made, and I was glad to reach the end of Chapter 9 when the people gathered together for the ordination of Aaron. Reading about the people rejoicing, I should have known what was to come, but I forgot. I am at Panera Bread reading and listening, and I got up to refill my drink. When I came back to read and listen again (I am listening to the Audio Bible while I read), there go two of Aaron’s sons doing something wrong and dying immediately after they were given explicit instructions as what to do.

We often do this- we hear what we want and decide what to focus on by ourselves. Reading about it makes me realize how easy it is to do, yet this is something I want to change about myself. I want to pursue God’s will for my life without me getting in the way or making up my own rules. Here’s to an awesome start of a 3 month journey into God’s word!

PS- reading about infectious skin diseases after eating lunch isn’t the best idea!

Day 3

3 days in and I’m still going strong! I have completed all the reading in the mornings like I wanted to do, and am currently one day ahead. Yeah!
I am reading along with listening to the audio bible, which I am really enjoying. It’s helping me to read consistently, as I can sometimes get stuck re-reading the same thing over and over.
An added benefit is that I am really enjoying my time in the morning as well and it’s helping me to go to bed at a decent time!
Things that are standing out to me so far:
-It’s hard to see people make the same mistake over and over again! Maybe it’s not such a good idea to tell people your wife is your sister? Even harder is the realization that we do the same things!
-Genealogys are tough for me to read because it seems like this huge list of names. I realize how important they are, however, so I’m trying my hardest to enjoy them! I especially like the audio for this, as I try to guess what the name is. And I get some pretty awesome name ideas for future kiddos. Or not!
-Unrelated to B90days, but something that stood out to me yesterday when I was listening to a podcast was how John describes himself as the Disciple whom Jesus loved. I had always thought that this was a little egocentric, but Chris Brown (pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, CA and who married us) explained that John was simply trying to describe Jesus, and all he knew was that Jesus loved him. He loved others as well, but he was amazed at the amount of love shown to him personally, that Jesus truly loved him as an individual. I “know” this, but that was great to hear in that way (and my paraphrasing is not doing it justice, so I encourage you to listen to it!).

If you’re reading, how’s it going? If not, why not?


What does that mean? It’s my hashtag (I’m still new to this twitter language, but I’m learning) for reading the Bible in 90 days. I am joining approximately 316 other people to read the Bible, cover to cover, in 90 days. Why am I doing this? The decision came rather suddenly as I was reading blogs the other night while Eric was gone. I visitied a blog I hadn’t been to in awhile, and it had a link to her sister-in-law Amy’s website about reading the Bible in 90 days. My curiosity was piqued and I visited the site. She is the official blog host of the challenge, and they just finished a group a little while ago. I have never tried to read the Bible all the way through cover to cover, and I’m up for a good challenge, so here goes!

For those of you who don’t already know me, welcome to my blog! I’m Jen, mom of my crazy fun toddler Charis and wife to Eric, the Youth Director at our church in Seattle. After telling him about my challenge of reading the Bible in 90 days, he said, “Nice knowing you!” I do know it’s going to be a lot to read, but I am excited to join up with other women to encourage one another through this journey. I’m at a point in my life where I am quite excited to have this re-direct my focus on God every day. My goal is to read in the morning, which has been a goal of mine for quite some time, but I have never stuck to it. So this time, I’m really going to try my hardest. Here we go!

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