Here’s a glimpse into the past 2 months (and we’ll just ignore the fact that I haven’t blogged in oh, forever and a day):

8/19 Positive test! Had to work orientation and made Eric a congratulations card. We both felt incredibly excited, a tad nervous, and like a dream had come true.

9/5 Nausea sneaks up on me, slowly creeping into my tummy and covering me in exhaustion. I realize sadly that this timing is much earlier than it was with Charis. Boo.

9/9 We tell grandparents and everyone is psyched for Charis to graduate to big sister! Still green.

9/12 My mom comes into town and I’m as sick as a dog. Still hanging in at work, but by a thread.

9/14 Make an appt with a highly recommended OBGYN in town for Monday, thank goodness! Mom picks up OTC nausea items for me and I cave and leave work early.

9/15-16 The weekend is spent barely leaving my bed except to get sick. I tried to keep down liquids as much as possible, but foods were just not cutting it.

9/17 Called in sick to work and attempted to shower before going to the Dr. Got sick in the shower (thankfully into my handy dandy pink cup from the hospital when I gave birth to Charis, ironic)- feeling so gross and exhausted. Doc prescribes zofran, they run some blood tests, I realize I have lost 8 pounds, and I head back home to take my magic pills. They don’t work immediately, but am not sure what to expect.

9/17 I stay home again as I’m still feeling horrible and getting sick. I call the Dr office to ask the nurse if zofran takes a day or so to kick in, as I have been on top of taking it when needed, but am not seeing an improvement. On a positive note, we get an ultrasound to rule out a molar pregnancy or twins and see a heartbeat- made me cry. I try to rest the rest of the day and not move, and doc calls later with orders to go to the hospital to get an IV. My mom takes me and we hang out for 4 hours in the labor & delivery unit to get two bags of goodness. The nurse tells me she has read about people like me but never dealt with it in person. Apparently I’m in the cool club of less than 2% of pregnant women diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. Cool, right?? My mom has to leave for a bit and I hang out and rest by myself while Eric is at work. My amazing lifegroup stops by to say hi and pray over me- amazing!! I feel more like a human when I leave and am very thankful for modern medicine.

9/18 Feeling like a human continues a bit (as well as getting sick and taking zofran, my 2 new pals), so I attempt a bit of work. I last awhile until it’s just too much and head home.

9/19 Follow up doc appt and he orders me back into the hospital for round 2 of IVs. I make a pit stop at work to tell my boss and head back to l’hopital. Eric joins me this time and announces we’re here for happy hour. Ah, my crafty hubby, attempting to make me smile. We hang out together for 4 hours and I pray that I won’t be here again until this baby makes his/her debut! I leave once again feeling a bit better and attempt some saltines and they stay down. Big progress.

I managed to work the next two days, not moving as much as possible. Eric’s parents came into town on the 23rd and my mom stayed until the 25th. My dad arrived on the 28th for the weekend, and he and Eric’s parents left on the 1st and 2nd. Having such love around me and wonderful help was incredibly amazing and I am truly thankful. I still felt icky but did make some improvements, especially after my Father in Law prayed over me on the 25th. I truly believe God helped to heal me, as I didn’t need to go back into get any other IVs, and the extreme severity of the nausea was capped a bit.

I have been able to work since then and enjoying my relaxing evenings in my new recliner Eric got me for my birthday! I continued to get sick on a daily basis and my nausea lingered like a bad habit, though. As of today, the nausea is a tad bit at bay but I’m a bit hesitant to say I’m in the clear. I have had 3 rounds of 2 days in a row of not getting sick, only for it to come back with a vengeance the following day. I’m thankful for the moments where I feel somewhat normal and am hoping and praying that the good times will increase as the bad decrease.

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat again yesterday makes it all worth it, just like the pains of labor disappear once the sweet baby is in your arms. Here’s to a wonderful and exciting next 27ish weeks!!