It’s been two weeks since we walked from the house. While I have been somewhat disappointed over the loss, I have truly felt a weight lift from my shoulders- mainly relief that we won’t be uncovering the many “what-ifs” that were being uncovered. I have slept at night, enjoying the relief except for that nagging little thing called “where are we going to be living in a month??”- that was quite the downer in this process.

We looked at several places (even one place to buy- it felt like a rebound house romance, but we decided to focus on renting now) and weren’t thrilled with anything. We knew we wanted a bigger place, but didn’t want to be stuck with a huge rent amount each month, as we want to be in the best financial situation possible for when we do enter into the house buying process again.

Eric was chatting with our friend at church and mentioned we were looking for a place to rent. He mentioned that he happened to be trying to rent a house that he owns. We looked at it that night and made a decision 3 days later- that will be our new rental! He has been incredible- we can move in before the end of the month (as we have to be out by the 29th because the carpets are getting cleaned that morning), he ripped out the downstairs carpet today and let me choose the new one that is being installed, and we can do fun stuff like paint (yes, I’m a home decorating nerd- I like that stuff).

All in all, I’m really happy with where we will be going. Renting in the traditional manner has been challenging after working on our Seattle house- Eric and I like doing projects here and there, and we’ll certainly be able to do that here- it was built in 1923 and is quite funky! Fun times ahead for the Drumm fam, as usual!