…from the troubles in my life, I’m walking away, oh, to find a better day.

Quick- who can name the artist? Yup, Craig David. Check out the link below for the ironic opening of the music video:

Walking Away video- YouTube

Funny, eh? A ceiling that crashes down because of a little leak? The irony that such a small incident can lead to much larger issues? I might be sarcastically breathing in a sigh of relief- Eric and I walked away from the house. Unless the bank comes back with an incredible deal that we can’t refuse, we’re saying adieu to 38169 W US Hwy 50. We found out that the septic tank is quite old and is nearing the end of its term. Replacement cost? 12K.

Setback, roadblock, closed door- whatever word of choice that we have used throughout this home buying process, this was the final and most ironic of them all. Why? The other day we found out we had to test the septic and I told Eric that if it brings up a $10,000 issue, then I would be satisfied with the cost of the septic test. Ha. Who’s laughing now? Actually, I can laugh a little and be thankful because we didn’t have to shell out the $500 to test it- our realtor talked with the engineer who has worked on the septic system in the past. He was the one to divulge that information.

So here we are. Our condo will be rented out as of December 23rd, so we’re on the lookout for rentals once again (this is a good thing, as we didn’t want to live in our condo again- our landlord is increasing the rent $125/mo and I’m just tired of some issues that we have faced while living here). I have found relief and peace with this decision, knowing that the unknown of what else could be wrong with the house has now disappeared. I am slightly disappointed and sad at coming so close to closing on the house, being homeowners, and dreaming of making it mine. Yes, the other night I literally fell asleep thinking about how I was going to paint the living room (light grey walls and light teal accents with new white baseboards and new laminate flooring if you ask).

As I type, Eric has been texting me:

“Sad inside, I know it’s the right thing but I’m sad”

And later:

“Still sad”

And I can’t argue with him, yet I’m finding myself extremely rational about the whole situation right now. Maybe it’s because I’m past the emotional part, or maybe it will hit me two days from now. I don’t know. I do know that I am tired of being on this crazy rollercoaster. I feel like I have been walking through a fog for the past couple of months with this indecision and uncertainty and I don’t like it.

Deep breath. So there you have it. As to where we’ll be 37 days from now, only God knows. But I have faith in that, as He’s gotten us through so much in our life. I’m working hard on clinging to that and to Him right now.