Today (technically yesterday since it’s 12:26am. <Yes, I was on Pinterest and found a blog and read like 36 blog posts. I promise I’ll go to bed as soon as I’m done with this post.>) was our 2nd closing date. We still haven’t closed on the house. Supposedly the water pressure was being tested today and the septic will be tested tomorrow (sure, another $500 out the door… who’s keeping track anymore?). If all goes well, we might be closing by next Tuesday. Closing date number three.

In other news, a guy who looked at our condo is interested in taking over our lease. On December 23rd. 8 days before our lease runs out. Oh well, at least we’ll save a bit of money for the aforementioned monies being poured into the house buying process.

In other other news, Eric and I may have settled on a flooring we both really like. My non-negotiables for moving into a former-college thrashed house are new flooring and paint on the top floor . Happy wife, happy life.

As promised, I will deliver more news when it is here. As for tomorrow (today), who knows what it will bring, and I don’t like sharing the unknown, which is what we have been dealing with for quite some time. In the midst of the chaos, I think I have scared off my coworker from ever wanting to buy a house. Oops.