Yes, yes, Charis is two and she is no longer my baby girl, but she’ll always be my baby! She’s certainly my big girl and I wanted to jot down some memories that I’m sure will fade as the time continues to fly. Enjoy!

Charis talks a ton, and her favorite words include:

  • funduh (thunder)- whenever she hears something loud she says “hear dat?” and cocks her head sideways to listen harder. She often guesses that loud noises are thunder, even if they aren’t.
  • memeal (oatmeal)- her favorite breakfast (and any time) food, she enjoys it simply with a little bit of milk, and sometimes a little bit of cinnamon, brown sugar, and raisins.
  • yo-ghurt- she really emphasizes the “yo” and I just can’t describe the “ghurt” as it’s just too cute!
  • bicycle- yes, she says bicycle and not bike. That’s how my lady rolls! We got her a cute little trike and she is OBSESSED. If we mention bike or bicycle she practically breaks out into a sweat and chants bicycle- she wants to ride so bad!
To say Charis enjoys TV might be an understatement. Her favorite shows/movies:
  • Happy Feet- I don’t know how many times we have watched Happy Feet, and if I never had to watch it again I would be a happy mama! Random factoid- when Gloria eats the fish that Mumble gives him, the sounds she make are slightly inappropriate for kiddos!
  • Monsters vs Aliens (or Monsters, according to Charis)- Another one I have seen one too many times. Reese Witherspoon as the voice of Ginormica is great, and my favorite line of the movie occurs when the monsters arrive in San Francisco: “It’s warmer than I remember. Did the earth get warmer? That would be a very convenient truth.” Ha! Just makes me laugh.
  • Up- the beginning makes me tear up every time I watch it, so I seldom watch the beginning anymore because I don’t like how sad it is! I think Charis likes this movie for one scene: when the house is in the middle of the thunderstorm and everything starts falling off the walls, Charis begins to laugh uncontrollably and says “That’s funny!” totally loud. What a silly girl.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba- an awesome show that I’m actually happy to watch with her!
  • Icky Mouse (you get it, right?)- she loves the theme song.
That’s about it for now. My ladybug is asleep- precious girl!