Once upon a time, Eric & I were looking at a house to buy. We searched high and low, far and wide. We found some that we were excited about, some that we never thought twice about, and two that had us at hello. We fondly call them “109” and “Highway” as we think about them. Here’s a recap of the past couple months:

  • We look at 109. We fall in love with 109 and even though it’s a short sale and were advised about the pitfalls of short sales, we put an offer in on the house. Knowing that there was another offer on the house yet not knowing how much it was for, we offered 6000 over the asking price. I know, right? But we really liked the house.
  • Over a month goes by without hearing about the house. We continue to look at other houses, because you never know what’s out there, right?
  • Right. We find Highway and, although it was definitely not love at first sight for me, it was love of the potential of the house very quickly. We were pre-approved for the cost (40,000 less than 109!) and there was the possibility of a renovation mortgage to be able to work on the house right away. Offer, counter-offer, counter-offer, counter-offer, accept.
  • We meet with the loan officer and he tells us we actually weren’t approved for the mortgage we were looking to get. We could get approved for another mortgage, yet it’s not near as awesome as the one we were looking at. After crunching the numbers and determining the details, we have lots to think about, as it’s way more than we were expecting.
  • The next day we make the difficult decision to walk away. From both.

We know that the right house is out there, and the right time will come. In the meantime, we’re thankful. For life, for our family, for having a roof over our head, for not having to walk away from a mortgage we can’t pay. As immediate difficulties arise in our lives, I do my best to focus on the bigger picture.

The day we realized this might not work, I found out that one of my good friends from high school had passed away. It was amazing to see the love shared on the online memorial. Stories, memories, pictures, and messages exploded online and it really helped me to look at the big picture easily. Here’s to life, to love, to friends, and family.