I would describe myself as an optimistic, glass half-full person. OK, most of the time. I wish it were all of the time, but really, I don’t know if that’s possible. I often play the role of cheerleader for others and do enjoy my positive outlook.

Yet there are times when something little can cause me to change into Eeyore in 2.5 seconds.

And the crazy thing is, once I turn, it takes me quite a long time to get back to my normal self. I really don’t like when this happens. It happened tonight when I came home to a slight disaster of a kitchen. My mood went from lighthearted and carefree to downright angry, thinking of how I would need to spend the entire evening cleaning. Again.


I have been challenged to create a family mission statement, and doing some thinking about it has caused me to really reconsider how I want to live my life and what is most important not only to myself, but my family as a whole. When I get so cranky so easily over little things, it makes me think about the impression I’m leaving on Charis and how I am encouraging her not to get frustrated about little things. Ironic, isn’t it? Parenting is wonderful for self-reflection and humility.

So I have decided to do a Thankful Thursday post each Thursday to help me re-focus my crankiness. Here’s my list for now:

  • My best friend & husband Eric
  • The cutest and craziest little lady Carebear
  • Family, both near and far
  • Friends scattered among the country
  • Health
  • God’s provision for our move, employment, housing, and overall blessings
  • The ability to exercise

I so often take things for granted and am trying to start each day with a thankful heart instead of a to-do list. Because really, at the end of the day, if I didn’t have dishes or food, I wouldn’t have a messy kitchen. And a messy kitchen is better than no kitchen!