(I’m just going to skip over the fact that I haven’t blogged in over 2 months… here’s what’s happening now!)

I’m in a triathlon training class at Western. I have wanted to do a triathlon now for quite some time, and I’m excited to have this time available to train and check this goal off of my list of things to do! I’m finding that the class is taught by people who are “in” the club. Which club, you ask? The crazy athlete club. Our instructors, Jenny and Brian, are professional athletes. Cyclists by trade, they have competed around the world in cycling, running, and triathlons. Today we had two guest coaches, both are crazy athletes- the guy does Ironmans and the gal, a swimmer by trade, is also an endurance runner and triathlete.

I was looking at the upcoming triathlons in Colorado to determine one that would work best for my schedule. Thing is, before the class started, I had found one in August that sounded great. First day of class, however, we are told we will actually be doing a triathlon the last day of class. Which is April 4th. Which is just over a month away. Yikes. So my thinking has transitioned to a leisurely introduction to triathlon and gradual training over the course of 6 months to trying my best to kick my butt into shape, get this triathlon thing over with, and be done with the insanity. Because truly, it’s slightly insane to train for three different sports.

So I was explaining my choices to Eric and was explaining that a good option might be a triathlon where the swim is indoors so I don’t have to get a wetsuit. He asked why I wouldn’t want a wetsuit, and I explained that I didn’t think I would be doing more than one triathlon, and buying a wetsuit would be silly if I were to only do one. He was a bit shocked that I wouldn’t want to continue with the triathlons, knowing how competitive I am. Here’s the thing: I am competitive, when it comes to things I’m good at. Aren’t we all a bit like that? Running, my dear friends, is not something I’m good at. And knowing that all triathlons come down to a running race, well, doesn’t excite me. I’m going to compete against myself purely because I want to finish the race. I don’t have a time goal, transition goal, I just want to cross the finish line exhausted, knowing I put my best into the race.

Back to the club. It’s interesting realizing I’m not part of the club in class. Two friends are in the class, and they’re into it. Big time. Guess what? They’re runners. Go figure. They also don’t have a two year old. My competition has turned from athletics to my family. I strive to make great meals for Eric & Charis, to spend quality time with them, and to give them my love through creating a welcome home. It fills up my free time, I work hard at it, and by golly, if there were a competition, I would sign up.

So maybe I’m in a club, just not the triathlon club. I’m in the mommy/wife club and I’m loving it.