3 weeks ago, Eric and I were packing our final bags (and staying up way too late in order to finish said packing), having a farewell meal with his parents and my mom, and went to sleep on the airbed in our otherwise empty house. Charis was in her pack n play (and had thoroughly enjoyed her empty room that allowed her voice to echo when she made any noise), my mom was sleeping on the couch (that we gifted to BPPC) in the living room, and we all slept for a couple hours.

We hit the road early, took Mom and Charis to the airport, picked up some Starbucks for energy, and were on our way. It feels like longer than 3 weeks ago, but yet it feels like we were in Seattle only yesterday. Our transition is going well, and we’re meeting new people, enjoying time with our family, and loving the weather! It has been sunny, and besides the snow in late October, it has been such a lovely fall.

Before we left I was thinking about what I might miss about Seattle, and now that we’ve been here past the typical vacation length of stay, I was re-thinking about what I miss. The people. Our BPPC kids, my PEPS, EDGE and momma friends, my college girls, Women@Work friends, in-laws, coworkers, and other loved ones. If you’re reading this from Seattle, trust us that we are missing you! We can’t wait to have visitors!

Something I don’t miss is the sound of planes flying over our house 24 hours a day. It took both Eric and I awhile to get used to how quiet it is here and it was challenging to fall asleep at first (because apparently my breathing is quite loud without the rumble of planes landing over my head), but now that we’re used to it, it’s peaceful. I can sometimes hear a plane at the airport and it’s an enjoyable sound rather than an annoyance. Other things I don’t miss are the grey skies and the commute to UW.

It was nice to have lived in Seattle for 3 years, yet we’re excited to be here and feel quite at home in Gunnison. So for real Seattlites, come visit. 🙂