So we have officially been in Gunnison for one week as of this afternoon at 2pm. My mom left today, and it’s starting to feel a bit more real that we’re here to stay. The fact that our trailer arrived yesterday and we unloaded it into Jus & Miah’s garage today may have added to the fact that we’re not just vacationing here. And I’m not looking forward to moving our stuff into an apartment and then maybe somewhere else- I’m ready to be done with moving already!!! And some of our stuff was a tad crushed, which is sad, but a good realization that it’s just stuff! I’m already in a good purging mode, and I’m looking forward to continuing my decluttering process!

Anywho….. the week went well overall. As a quick rundown, Eric is super excited about getting a job and not being “on vacation”. We have dubbed him “unemployment superhero” as he has brought us coffee, ran errands, and been overall fantastic as I have been in work. Basically, he’s bored and needs something to do! 🙂

My mom was here and got to stay with Charis throughout the week off and on, yet she got pretty sick during the week, which was sad. It was sad to see her go, and I hope she returns to full health soon!

We’re going to check out a new church tomorrow, the one that my boss Julie’s husband is the pastor of, New Song. We went to Rocky Mountain Christian last week and we met some great people. It’s interesting for Eric and I to be “church shopping” (although I don’t like that word, it fits) again after working at a church for 3 years.

The overall feel of the town is great. My coworkers are awesome, I’m super excited about my job and have been really enjoying meeting with students already, and it’s nice to run into people throughout town. We have been looking at some houses, as prices are pretty good, but until Eric gets a job and our finances are a bit more stable, we’ll stick to on-campus housing! We’re working out the details for moving on campus, as Eric and I are ready to be in our own room and for Charis to have her own room as well!

We do miss everyone at BPPC, UW, & Seattle, and hope to have some visitors soon! 🙂 I promise I will post photos soon, as the trees still have a bit of yellow in them and the skies are absolutely gorgeous! It truly is breathtaking here!