We officially left Seattle today (and Megan did not join us, so just Eric and I)! Charis flew with my mom to Gunnison and Eric and I caravanned to Twin Falls, Idaho tonight. We wanted to get to Salt Lake City, but after a short night’s sleep last night and plenty o’driving today, we decided to rest a bit!
Highlights so far include a massacre of bugs on our windshields (some with blue guts- quite fascinating!), an awesome sunrise, cute towns, lots of potatoes and onions being transported on trucks (which got me thinking about the yuck from cars that was being spewed onto them and made me want to only buy locally grown produce),and relaxing in a spa tonight! If you happen to visit Twin Falls, do yourself a favor and stay at La Quinta. The hotels gorgeous, immaculately clean, includes free breakfast, a pool, spa, and fitness center. We’re both seriously impressed. Thank you tripadvisor.com for the great reviews which led us to stay here!

Here are some photos of the sunrise and the gorgeous sky, me trying to take a photo of the Oregon sign (and failing!), and Eric outside of Burger King (and no, he didn’t drive away with the coffee on top! It’s tricky to take them while you’re driving!