I am done with reading the Bible in 90 days! Hooray! I actually finished last week, the first of October, 1 day short of 90 days. It was a tough finish, with lots and lots of reading at the end (including on my phone during a Mariners game!), but I did it! It was especially challenging at the end, as Dawg Daze was in full swing and I was decluttering and packing at home. We’re moving to Colorado 1 week from today and to say it’s hectic is an incredible understatement! Having a toddler “helping” while we clean & pack is….. interesting. To have Grandma or Grandpa be with her so we can work is…. incredible!

So we have 7 days until we drive out, 5 days until the moving truck comes (and my last day of work), 4 days until my last FYP staff meeting, and 3 days until our last day of church at BPPC. Crazy times around our house indeed. We have been here for just over 3 years, and it’s amazing what we have accumulated and have thankfully been able to sell, give away, and bless others with over the past week.

I welcome prayers and well wishes as we transition to Colorado. I start my (full time!) job on Monday, October 18th (1 day shy of being 30!), and Eric has been looking for jobs. We just found out that our college-aged friend Megan will be joining us. She is in the process of finding out what she wants to do for the rest of her life and is ready for an adventure. She’ll be able to help us out with Charis and will be living with us. It’s an exciting time for all of us!