I’m there! I may only be on Matthew 5, but I’m there!

The prophets were challenging for me, and I do want to study them more in depth when I’m done reading (in 18 days! My goal is to finish in 88 days and I am going to do it!). I think it has been challenging due to our crazy summer schedule. We were in Colorado last week (hence no post for me last week) and it was a busy busy trip for us. I read a bit and thought I was more behind than I was, so was pleasantly surprised when I was only 2 1/2 days behind yesterday. In the midst of that, I really have been missing my daily am reading. With the crazy schedules, I have been reading here, there, and everywhere, but not my daily up at 6 reading. And with only a couple more weeks left (and this being the craziest time of year for me at work), I want to make sure I’m keeping that routine to stay focused throughout my day!

Those are my thoughts at this point in the game. I loved what Shannon shared and glad Amy posted it for all to see- it has been humbling, exciting, and energizing to read through the Bible in 90 days with this group. I have been able to chat with people about it at work, in the youth group, and other places. I am excited to finish strong and am praying that you are able to do the same!