I can’t believe we’re nearly 2/3 of the way through the Bible- I am super excited about it!

I am not totally caught up as of right now, but I’m less than a day behind. I didn’t post last week as I was on my way to my second camping trip of the summer with my hubby (and jr highers this time!) and was driving 3 hours away. I was, however, able to read while camping, and caught up a bit more today while my daughter was napping in the car.

My delayed thoughts from last week include a good kick in the butt from God about my role as wife to my hubby. Summer is challenging for me as the wife of a youth director, and I have been downright selfish at some (OK, more than some) moments throughout the summer. While reading through Proverbs, I was struck with how often living with a quarreling wife was mentioned as the worst option possible. God really spoke to me and I was humbled to think about how I can be quarreling in a non-verbal way to my hubby. Thank goodness I was able to hear God’s voice through His word and soak it in- I also listened to two podcasts on marriage on my way to his camp and was able to truly support him throughout his work, and he desperately needed it! God is good!

Moving onto Isaiah… wow. I said I was going to carry around a notebook and jot down things I wanted to study later, but I simply would have listed the entire book of Isaiah. Deep, deep, deep, and I definitely want to study the entire book when I finish B90Days. And guess what book BSF is studying this year? Isaiah!!! An answer to prayer! BSF starts in two weeks, so it’s wonderful timing for wrapping up B90Days and getting into depth with Isaiah.

So far in Jeremiah what stood out to me was how in Chapter 20 he was wishing he were never born, and the wording and lament reminded me of Job. I’m thankful to have never been in that situation, of wishing that I were never born.

I’m enjoying my reading, but I’m still super excited to get to the New Testament! I pray that your reading is going well and you are enjoying savoring God’s word. Have a blessed week!