Victory is mine, for I am caught up in my B90Days reading! I was behind last week, and read off and on this week. I was determined to be caught up by today, but when I realized I was very behind last night, I started to doubt whether or not it would happen. But guess what? 4ish hours later, I am a tiny bit ahead! I started at Job 8 last night and am now (it’s Sunday night) on Psalm 90. Woohoo!

I am enjoying the Psalms, although it is difficult to read them at such a fast pace. Most of the Old Testament books I enjoyed, but was ready to be done with them, especially when they were repetitious! Just being honest here… I know it’s God’s word and I should savor each word, but it’s been a bit challenging at some points! But now that we’re flying through Psalms, I’m finding it difficult to stay at such a fast pace, as I want to slow down a bit. I don’t always have a pen and paper with me when I read, but I will now do that to make sure I can go back at a later date to study various passages that I’m reading right now.

I have been having God-breezes (a FlyLady term) yesterday and today, and there have been many connections to my reading and also just to Him. I listened to Francis Chan’s message Surrender last night where he told his congregation at his church that he was leaving. He spoke about truly surrendering to Christ and what that means as we live our lives. This morning, my pastor also spoke about surrendering to Christ in relation to Jesus asking the Disciples “Who do you say I am?” in Mark 8:29. He touched on the prophecies of Christ from the Old Testament, and that was one of the pieces of Scripture that has stood out to me from my latest readings, especially about the piercing of his hands and feet. After studying John in BSF this past year and going into great depth about Jesus’ death and resurrection, and even thought I have read this passage before, it stood out to me distinctly and got me excited for the upcoming reading and to read Jesus’ words in the Bible. I am thankful for B90Days for the challenge and also for setting up an incredible scene for Jesus’ life.

What also stood out to me was how often God is described as unfailing in his love for us. It kept coming up and I couldn’t help but dwell on that word and how, try as we might, we often fail in this life. I promised to love my husband through good times and bad on our wedding day only 3 short years ago, yet there are days when it’s quite challenging to be unselfish, love him and put him first. I find myself sometimes being overly critical of ideas or people and not truly living out Christ’s love towards others. Yet through all of this, God’s love is unfailing. The Jesus Storybook Bible describes his love over and over as “Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.” I love that description, and each time I read it I am able to truly melt into those words and let them surround me in comfort and love. He’ll always be. He’ll always know. He’ll always love. How cool is that? If only I weren’t so human and could totally relinquish my perceived control of my life with the push of a button….

I pray that your reading is going well! You know the deal… if you’re not reading, why not?