… And I’m 3 1/2 days behind…

So I’m behind. By a bit. It doesn’t seem to be too bad, but given that I’m still in the middle of 2 Chronicles and I’m supposed to be in Job, I’m a bit bummed. But not defeated. I’m still reading, and I’ll get there!

We survived camping and I’m now trying out being a mom of 2 while our 7 year old niece stays with us until next Saturday. I read all throughout camping and was even ahead, until coming home! Silly!

My latest thoughts on reading is that I need to truly appreciate God’s word. Given that I’m in the middle of 2 Chronicles, and it’s essentially recapping everything that’s already happened, it’s tough for me to read. I find myself longing to read another book, when I should really be asking God for a passion and desire to His Word. So that’s what I’ll be doing as I conquer my massive reading days that are ahead of me!

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