I can’t believe we’re on Day 22 of reading through the Bible. I’m more than halfway through 2nd Samuel and am currently ahead, and I’m really loving my reading right now. It was a tad bit dry before, but now it’s completely engrossing and I’m enjoying reading through the events of David’s kingship.

So what’s been standing out lately to me? To say the least, nothing! I know it might sound bad on the surface, but at this point, I’m reading through everything quickly, loving it, and I’m not having too many any a-ha moments (besides the frustration of reading “Again the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord” over and over….). What I am experiencing is God’s plan unfolding before my eyes.

When my husband became a youth pastor, a friend of ours encouraged us to buy The Jesus Storybook Bible and we read through it with Charis when she was born. It’s an incredible book that lays out God’s plan for Jesus through the major stories in the Bible. I highly encourage you to check it out, as we enjoyed it just as much as Charis did! After reading that book, I am once again seeing how patient, detailed, and full of love God is. It’s absolutely incredible and I am so happy to be dedicating time each day to Him and spending time in the Word.

I pray that your reading is going well. If you’re not doing B90Days, why not? Are you getting annoyed with that question yet, my non-B90Days friends?? 🙂 Seriously. 90 Days. 1 amazing book. Give it a shot.

As for this coming week, we are headed out tomorrow morning for our church’s annual high school Bus Caravan camping trip. This is our first time tent camping with Charis (have no fear, we have the Drumm Palace, a spacious 10×17 foot tent), and I’m excited and just a tad bit nervous. I would appreciate prayers that I will not be wanting to be in control too much (aka I can relax and have a good time), that I will be able to continue reading each day, that I will connect with the high schoolers and leaders, and that I will be able to challenge the high schoolers to do B90Days themselves! Au revoir!