I didn’t read on Friday because my mom came to visit and we were having fun! It was really wild not reading for one day, however, as I couldn’t get back into the Word!
I’m glad I was ahead, because as of right now, I am right on schedule with my one day off of reading.
What’s been standing out in my mind lately, you ask? The following:

– The re-telling of how the Israelites built a golden calf so quickly when Moses was with God. It’s frustrating for me to read that, as it seems like they were in the best situation to completely obey God! But alas, like other Old Testament stories exemplify, we are a stiff-necked people, like sheep!

– Numbers 10:9 states that trumpets will rescue the people, and I thought of Gideon and his defeat of the Midianites with the blast of trumpets. God is faithful!

– Numbers wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I am truly loving my time reading and spending time along with God.

In related news, my husband stated that he wants to read through the entire Bible as well! Mid you, he’s a youth pastor and can read throughout the day, but I’m excited for him to join in the fun!

How is your B90Days reading going?