Hooray! I just finished Leviticus this morning, which means I’m still ahead in reading through the Bible in 90 Days. I’m excited about this because I’m sure there will be other mornings like yesterday when I sleep in (even though I have an awesome wake up routine- Beckah Shae’s Here in This Moment plays on my iPhone at 6am, and 3 minutes later my alarm on my iPhone goes off- truth be told I forgot to set my iPhone alarm yesterday, which I think added to me not waking up! It’s motivation because I have about 40 seconds of quiet before the 2nd alarm goes off, allowing me to get out of bed to turn it off before it goes on!), so I want to stay ahead. And if I can finish early that would be awesome too! My competitive nature is definitely kicking into high gear, especially because I have challenged myself. I don’t have a goal of finishing early, but I do want to finish strong and make the most of the journey!

I really enjoyed the connections I made to Jesus in Leviticus this morning. Leviticus 16:22 describes the goat carrying the sins of the Israelites having to go to a solitary place in the desert. Having studied John in my BSF class this past spring, this passage about the goat reminded me of the crucifixion of Jesus stood out in my mind and made me think about how he endured the sins of the world before he died and was alone on the cross. I also thought about how eating blood was forbidden, and now we remember Jesus by drinking his blood during Communion.

I pray that your reading is going well! Onto Numbers for me in the morning! I leave you with two photos of my cutie pie!

Ready to rock n roll!

Cooling off at the splash park!