Day 5 and done with reading for day 8!

Reading Leviticus is interesting. It’s a bit repetitive in the beginning with the requirements for the sacrifices that must be made, and I was glad to reach the end of Chapter 9 when the people gathered together for the ordination of Aaron. Reading about the people rejoicing, I should have known what was to come, but I forgot. I am at Panera Bread reading and listening, and I got up to refill my drink. When I came back to read and listen again (I am listening to the Audio Bible while I read), there go two of Aaron’s sons doing something wrong and dying immediately after they were given explicit instructions as what to do.

We often do this- we hear what we want and decide what to focus on by ourselves. Reading about it makes me realize how easy it is to do, yet this is something I want to change about myself. I want to pursue God’s will for my life without me getting in the way or making up my own rules. Here’s to an awesome start of a 3 month journey into God’s word!

PS- reading about infectious skin diseases after eating lunch isn’t the best idea!