3 days in and I’m still going strong! I have completed all the reading in the mornings like I wanted to do, and am currently one day ahead. Yeah!
I am reading along with listening to the audio bible, which I am really enjoying. It’s helping me to read consistently, as I can sometimes get stuck re-reading the same thing over and over.
An added benefit is that I am really enjoying my time in the morning as well and it’s helping me to go to bed at a decent time!
Things that are standing out to me so far:
-It’s hard to see people make the same mistake over and over again! Maybe it’s not such a good idea to tell people your wife is your sister? Even harder is the realization that we do the same things!
-Genealogys are tough for me to read because it seems like this huge list of names. I realize how important they are, however, so I’m trying my hardest to enjoy them! I especially like the audio for this, as I try to guess what the name is. And I get some pretty awesome name ideas for future kiddos. Or not!
-Unrelated to B90days, but something that stood out to me yesterday when I was listening to a podcast was how John describes himself as the Disciple whom Jesus loved. I had always thought that this was a little egocentric, but Chris Brown (pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, CA and who married us) explained that John was simply trying to describe Jesus, and all he knew was that Jesus loved him. He loved others as well, but he was amazed at the amount of love shown to him personally, that Jesus truly loved him as an individual. I “know” this, but that was great to hear in that way (and my paraphrasing is not doing it justice, so I encourage you to listen to it!).

If you’re reading, how’s it going? If not, why not?