EC, otherwise known as “elimination communication”, is a diaper free approach of helping babies use the toilet from an early age. I had read about this in college and was fascinated, but had thought it was quite a bit of work. It involves watching your baby to learn her body language when she is ready to pee or poop. (yup, brought toilet language to the blog)
One then takes the infant to the toilet and shush’s into her ear to help her pee. Obviously I’m simplifying the process here, but the idea is that parents will learn their kid’s cues as to when they need to go and they will go on the toilet. Voilà!

I am happy with my hybrid cloth/disposable diaper routine (one guess as to who prefers the disposables in our family), and potty training is a bit down the road for us, so I often don’t think about it. A couple weeks ago, however, miss Carebear was quite constipated, and after trying a couple things unsuccessfully, I thought that putting her in a squatting position might help. I held her over the toilet, and wouldn’t you know it, she pooped! Hooray!

Both hubbs and I have done this with her about a dozen times now. We can tell when she’s trying, and we take her to the toilet and let her do her business. I’m not trying to make it more than it is at this point, but I am thrilled that she is getting used to the idea that the toilet is an OK place to be!