We came back from BPPC’s family camp yesterday- here are some highlights!
• We had a fun lunch on the way to camp in North Bend with Miki, Megan, & Rebeccah
• Charis got to ride in style in her new convertible carseat!
• Eric and I spoke together for the first time Saturday morning and people liked it!
• Charis rode a horse for the first time and caught her first fish!
• We met great staff at Double K Christian Retreat Center
• The weather was chilly chilly chilly, but we were warm in our fantastic accomodations (in the main building which allowed for Charis to nap in our room while I had the monitor with me!)
• Even thouh the drive out took forever, it was only a little over an hour to get home

And the last un-highlight, we arrived to a house with no heat. My well-meaning FIL turned our heat off for us after we left, only to come home to a freezing house. We made a fire! So much for a warm Memorial Day weekend!