Yup, I heart my iPhone. I have been an owner for all of 16 days and I can, without reservation, boldly profess my happiness about my newest toy. What arey favorite things about said iPhone, you ask?

– Text messaging
The fact that text messages are grouped into conversations, like gmail, is really neat. No longer do I have to look back at what I or the other person wrote- it’s right there for me!

– Voicemail
I can see who left me a message right away and pick which one to listen to first with a touch of a button. Cool!

– Apps
Yup, they are awesome. I can play games with friends (yes Elisabeth it’s still my turn on words with friends, but you’re kicking my butt so it’s all good), find out that my bus will be 2 minutes late and know exactly what buses will be coming at this stop, post to my blog, check facebook, and other fun app things.

– Calendar sync
I tend to like the idea of being super organized and have tested out paper planners, electronic PDAs, and other such stuff. Being able to update and sync my calendar and always have it with me is handy dandy!

That’s all for now. Good stuff, iPhone, good stuff.