No, not literally stretching a chicken, but making the most meals out of 1 chicken is what I did last week based off of this article from a Lifehacker blurb. Our verdict? Everything was deliciously yummy, and the winner of the meals was hands down the chicken itself. And incredibly easy, too! I challenge everyone to give it a try, like tonight. Seriously. It’s that good. And easy. I highly suggest adding the carrots and potatoes like Kristen did for the meal- so incredibly yummy!

Here’s to having a plan for meals. I love having a plan for my meals. I even prepped the night before for the following night’s dinner-wha??? I know. Crazy, insane, but I loved it! I just have a hard time actually coming up with said meals and recipes on my own, so this was awesome and I will do it again. I belong to a menu subscription service, but they don’t use leftovers (which is OK, the meals are meant for 2 and don’t have lots of leftovers). I enjoy the cook once eat three-four times philosophy. Any good sites, books, or recipes that would be a great addition to my collection for this? Thanks!!