Fevers are yucky. Charis has been fighting a fever all day long today and it is no fun at all! My typical peppy exploring soon-to-be-toddler was a cuddly girl all day except for 2 hours or so. I love the cuddles, but I wish they were flowing from loving mommy rather than feeling icky.

In my Bible study last week I shared that God gave me Charis so that I would rely on Him more and worry less. Just ask Eric- my worrying has dropped significantly since having Charis, as I quickly realized there is not an end to the amount of things I could worry about for Charis and I would rather enjoy her and know she is in God’s hands!

Tonight, however, I lost it. She was crying during her 4th tepid bath of the day, and after she got out and I was holding her she was shaking. She’s my baby girl and I can’t stand to see her not feel well. I have been praying all day that the fever will leave her body and she will return to full health. She’s asleep now and I’m praying she sleeps soundly through the night and wakes up back to her normal self. This parenting is tough stuff!

Update: Charis woke up 2 times during the night and woke up this morning with no fever! Thank you God for answered prayers!