Remember when I was dairy free? And I had to drink rice milk with my cereal? That was the worst part of being dairy free (besides not being able to eat ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and all other things with whey and casein, but that’s besides the point). I am a cold cereal in the morning for breakfast type of gal. I love me some cereal in the morning- all kinds! So I did what any cereal loving lady would do and went for the rice milk (soy is too thick for my taste in cereal) with my cereal. Most was OK- I used a tiny bit and it worked for me to have my breakfast. Sometimes, though, it was just not OK, and I realized I loved the taste of cow’s milk with my cereal as much as the taste of the cereal. So it was a bummer for me, because it just didn’t taste right.

Come to find out, the opposite is true as well! I made my raw granola while dairy free and had it with rice milk. It was yummy, but I still wasn’t hooked on rice milk. Imagine my surprise when I made my granola again and had it with cow’s milk and I didn’t like it! I was sad, because this granola is so healthy and tasty! Later that day I wondered if it was the same issue, that I would like it with rice milk. Since I bought a Costco pack of Organic Rice milk, I have lots left over, so I popped a carton in the fridge. The next morning I had my granola with rice milk and it was delicious!

I’m pretty excited that I enjoy rice milk with it, as it’s pretty good for you and I can use the cartons in my cupboard! Hooray!