A wonderful woman will be 30! Yeah! (And for those of you who might be unaware, you should have been hearing the voices of hoops & yoyo say “Yeah!”, much like this: http://www.hallmark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/article|10001|10051|/HallmarkSite/hoops_yoyohome/Animations/Homepages/HYY_HOMEPAGE_JAN09 )

Sarah and I met while in grad school at UConn. We both worked in the same building, on the same floor, just around the corner from each other. If mommy memory serves me right, we first bonded over our love of school supply shopping and how we had similar past relationships. We hit it off and worked lots together for work and schoolwork. We were on the same assessment team and for the duration of one year worked on a project with two other students in our cohort which included many late nights in our offices working on papers that were due the following day. Procrastinators? We’re professionals. If a paper is due the next day, we roll up our sleeves and get cracking, as long as there are tons of yummy grad school snacks to keep us going!

Sarah now gets to work with my fabulous friends and former colleagues from when I was an undergrad at URI. She’s amazingly talented in encouraging others to serve and give back to the community. She was the second person in our class to get a job and the first to start (before we had graduated!). My Dad helped to get her job by inviting us to a URI basketball game. We introduced Sarah to URI’s President and his wife, and she mentioned a job opening in Service Learning and I told her that that was Sarah’s area of expertise. She applied for the job and got it! Good times!

So today, we salute you Sarah Miller (if Eric were here he would be shouting Miller!!! And he would probably call you with a message from the IRS… ask Sarah about it if you want the full story). Have a wonderful day and a fantastic introduction to your next decade in life!!

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