There. I said it. Glad it’s off my chest.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I hate juice- who hates juice? If you do, then right on! Keep on hating. I love juice, but it’s expensive, sugary, and water is much healthier for me as my drink of choice. I rarely have it in our house, despite my husband’s request for it constantly, because we go through it like crazy. As soon as it’s in the house it’s gone, and we’re left wanting more.

Now that Charis is at the age where she can have juice, I’m feeling the pressure to give her a bit because juice is yummy, my other mom friends are giving it to their babies, and I would love to see her reaction. I don’t want to give it to her, though, because I don’t want my little lady going hog wild over juice to the point where she won’t want to drink water and will crave juice all the time. Am I being a bit crazy? Maybe. Thinking too far about what habits my child will adopt? Yup. Am I going to give her juice tomorrow? Nope. Will she hate me for it forever? Most likely not, but you never know- when she’s 15 one of you could mention it to her and it will most likely add to her list of “Why my mom isn’t cool” (yes, I’m preparing myself for that too!).