So you might know that I dislike, er, hate pumping. Yes, I said it, and I know many mommas out there rejoice with me in the detest of pumping, so I’m not alone, but the thing is, this nursing/pumping thing is tough and very personal. I love that I have been able to nurse Charis for this long, and my goal is to keep nursing until she is 1, and thereafter however long we see fit (no worries folks, I won’t be nursing Charis if she can say quesadilla!).

Anywho, this pumping issue is driving me batty. I can’t keep up my supply at work, even though I try to relax when I pump and pump on days when I am home in the morning to keep up my stash. I have been thinking about supplementing with formula for the past several weeks, and today, I bit the bullet.

I bought formula.

There. It’s official. It’s weird, this breastmilk vs formula thing. I have heard stories that once a baby goes on formula both mom & baby are hooked and nursing is kicked out. My goal is to supplement formula in addition to my milk while I am at work and to continue to nurse when I am at home. I did give her some today mixed with my milk in a sippy cup and she gladly drank it, so at least I don’t have to worry about the other side of the issue- babies who refuse formula.

I just had to share my adventure. And thank goodness for the mommy network, I was encouraged to get Costco formula from the get go, as it is half price (formula is expensive!) & exactly the same as Similac & Enfamil. I heard that their older daughter started on the name brand formula, then when they tried to switch, she spit it up and wouldn’t drink it. Awesome. I figured maybe it’s like generic & brand name cereal for us. Who knows. I’m just glad I got their advice, took it, and did it. Tomorrow I’ll add it to her bottles when I’m at work. I’m already feeling less stressed about how much milk I get tomorrow. Watch, I’ll get crazy large amounts. 🙂