Charis is 261 days old, or 8 months and 17 days old. Wow! Time sure does fly. We’re having a blast with our little girl who is full of personality, laughs, screams, and drama. Yes, we have a drama queen. Cute and full of smiles and laughter on the outside, her drama personality is only shown to a few who are around long enough to see her transition through a typical hangout session with Carebear. Here’s how it goes:

Charis is super happy when she wakes up. On her hands and knees in her crib, we play peekaboo for a bit and then I pick her up, give her lots of loves, and she gives it back. She looks all over the room to make sure everything is the same, and I’ll change her diaper. If this is after she woke up in the morning or from a nap, happy Carebear remains (in the middle of the night is another story) and she is playful and chatty during the change. We’ll play for a bit, and she’s pretty content to check out her toys and play. Sometimes she’ll be fussy and will want to be held, but doesn’t really want to be held, but is unsure of what she wants and just fusses. I’ll then put her in her highchair to warm up some food for her, and this is when some major drama can come out. She knows that she’ll be getting food, and it drives her crazy that it isn’t there immediately. So I’ll sing, dance, talk, and play games with her while microwaving food (for 20-30 seconds mind you) before feeding her. Sometimes this elicits a calm Carebear, and other times it drives her batty and she throws herself around in her chair like she hasn’t eaten for 3 days. The worst is when I have to stir the food and then microwave it for another 8 seconds. The horror! I am such a mean mommy for making sure her food is warm. She typically gulps her food down and is happy until I wipe her face. More drama. Then we’ll play until she’s fussy again, which will signify nap time. Recently she’s not thrilled with the idea of nap time, so she’ll scream and yell and scream and yell, and can’t calm herself down. Eric or I will go in to comfort her and sometimes she’s able to calm herself down so she can fall asleep, while other times she can’t (like today).

So that’s a bit of an insigh into our our days with our sweetie pie. Overall, she is an amazing little girl who has been crawling for 6 days now and loves to explore all things, especially those things which are unsafe for her (why does she immediately go for the electrical cord to her space heater her 2nd day of crawling??). Her back is ticklish and she has the cutest laugh and shiver when she gets tickled. She also loves to smile for the camera and splash like crazy in the bath. We’re so blessed, and I couldn’t be happier!!!