That may very well still be true, because Charis is only 7 1/2 months old, but from what we can see of her quickly developing personality, we have a charmer and a chatty cathy on our hands.

Charis has found her voice and loves to share it with others. Like at our storytime on Friday, when we were singing hello songs for all the babies, Charis was chatting away, just delighted with her voice. I, of course, was laughing, and other moms laughed as well. The leader said that she was a bit chatty and I completely agreed with her! I am used to it when we are alone, but it’s when we are with other people that it really comes out.

She has also decided that it’s really fun to sing at night. I say sing because it kinda sounds like she is singing- her sounds are melodic and they get quite loud. So she has been doing this in our bed during the middle of the night the past couple nights. We have a wonderful system of Eric getting her and changing her when she wakes up (my dream hubby!!) and then brings her to me so I can feed her. This allows me to stay asleep as long as possible, and usually I only wake up for a second to make sure she’s good to go. I then fall back asleep, she eats and falls asleep (sometimes in my armpit, which makes for interesting smelling hair in the morning… back to the story), and we’re a happy, cozy little family. That is until a couple nights ago. Her melodic baaa blaabaabaas keep us somewhere in between dreamland & being fully awake, which in turn leads to sleepy mom & dad in the morning. But not Charis. She continues to be the happiest baby ever in the morning. Full of smiles, giggles, and more melodies, she is so super cute in the morning it almost makes me forget how tired I am. Until I look in the mirror and see the dark circles under my eyes and feel like crawling back into bed. Alas, when Charis is up, she’s up, so we’re up.

I have tried to capture her talking, but she is fascinated with the camera and closes her mouth whenever it’s around. I think I got some in the early morning the other day and will try to upload it. Or better yet New England ladies, come out here and check it out for yourself!! 🙂