I am in disbelief that it is Thanksgiving next week and Christmas commercials, music, and ads are already out! I am, however, so excited for our first holiday season as a family! Even though Charis is a baby and won’t remember the next two months, we sure will! And I hope to have lots of photos and videos to add to our collection for her to watch in the future.

She is quite the charming lady and is full of personality! She was at my office yesterday for a couple of hours and everyone just loves her. One of my colleagues took her around the office so I could work on a letter of recommendation for a student, and she totally enjoyed it! She visited again today with Eric when he dropped me off and picked me up (what an amazing hubby I have!!) and once again she stole the show! It’s really fun to see her shine and enjoy being around people, yet she has developed a bit of a stranger anxiety. It is the time, and I know it would happen sooner than later, but it is still so interesting to see. I brought her to lunch at work on Tuesday and sat her on the ground facing everyone, and quickly my coworker Namura told me to get her. I thought she was going to urp, but when I picked her up, she had the biggest pouty face ever and was about to cry! I held her and it was the first time that she held me close and rested her head on my shoulder- it was so incredibly adorable!

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of that adorable pout, but I can give you one of my cute coy lady!