…on the day that I turned 29! Great memories as a Mom!

We don’t have any photos, but Eric and I do have the ER bracelets because Charis was too little to get one of her own. To sum it up, Charis has had a cough for quite some time, and it has become worse this past week. From last Tuesday through yesterday: she started wheezing, was a little more wheezy, was prescribed liquid albuterol, her breathing was around 80-100 breaths per minute, her Dr. wanted her to be tested for RSV and to see if she needed to be monitored in the hospital because of her oxygen levels and possible exhaustion from shallow breathing.

We were in the ER for 4 1/2 hours, she got 2 chest X-rays which were clear, they tested her for RSV which is negative so far, and she was sent home with a viral infection, an albuterol nebulizer, and with a great dislike towards all doctors. She is still our happy/unhappy (if around doctors or getting poked or prodded) girl and we’re praying that she has a quick recovery and this cough leaves her little body!