Yes, my pregnancy was tough at the beginning, with all the getting sick and not being able to eat and stuff, but now that I have reached the anniversary of when I was starting to feel better, there are things that I look back on and miss about that special time. In no particular order:

  • Hair not falling out

I’m pretty sure the general consensus (because it was in lots of books) that women’s hair falls out. Mine is when I brush my hair and in the shower, when conditioning. The glorious (not always, but for this it was glorious) pregnancy hormones cause your hair to stay in, and often plump up and look pretty nice on any given day. I had forgotten all about this hair falling out business until I was 2 months postpartum, and then it came out with a vengeance. I’m now back to the regular routine of cleaning up those hairs that fall out.

  • Maternity clothes

Preggo clothes have done a 180 in the last 10 years, and although I did joke with friends about donning a one piece flowy dress with a bow at the top circa Kirstie Allie in Look Who’s Talking, I never had to. And I definitely have my issues with Motherhood Maternity, it was nice at times to shop out of a muh smaller collection of clothes in stores and have most of the items be so cute! I’m really wanting to pull out my clothes from last year to wear them, but they just wouldn’t look right without a belly. Alas, they are in our basement if I’ll need them again. OK, I relly mean when I’ll need them again, but my request is not anytime soon, and I know it’s in God’s hands!

  • Random Eating

Ding! A timer goes off in my head and I know it must be 10am at work, and that means one thing: time for my cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with cream cheese. Ahh, this is the life I lived for probably 4-5 months at work. I even brought in my own toaster so it would be closer to my office. Now most of you know I can snack like none other, but my pregnancy snacking was on another level. Given that my stomach was smaller from not eating for 6 or so weeks to having Charis ever so gently taking over most of its room to the heartburn & acid reflux, snacking was all I could do. All the time. And I loved it.

  • Pregnancy Pillow

So you’re not supposed to lay flat on your back in the last 2 trimesters because the baby blocks blood flow as she grows. And you’re supposed to sleep on your left side, as this provides the best blood flow for said baby. When I grew and became uncomfortable in bed, we invested (yes, it was a good amount of money) in a pregnancy pillow. This baby (ha) was body length and curved at the top & bottom, snuggling by belly, allowing me to put my knees in between it, and have back & neck support. The pillow is now sitting in Charis’ room because you can zip it up to turn it into a baby seat. She doesn’t sit in it, but once she can sit on her own, it looks like a cozy place to read books (I hope that’s what she’ll do!). I really miss it, but Eric doesn’t. This monster is quite large and took up the space of an extra person in our bed, so I can’t justify using it now, even though I want to!

  • Attention

Yes, it sounds like I’m full of myself, but here is the crazy weird thing about pregancy: you get lots of attention. Sometimes unwanted, but you get it. I was so tired of simply going to the bathroom near the end of my pregnancy because the college students would look at my belly with big eyes. I wanted to wear a sign that said “Yes, I’m about to give birth!” but I didn’t. As soon as your baby is born (and the belly is gone), the attention goes right with it. That time, my friend, is when I believe it is most crucial for attention. Don’t get me wrong, being pregnant is difficult, but taking care of your baby on the outside is tough work! That is when I feel a sign is needed so people can sympathize with you. And yes, there could be drawbacks to this, but at times I wish some of that unwanted attention could be on reserve for when you have tough days after baby comes. Not like I have tough days, though. After all, Charis is a perfect angel. 🙂 And I’m a perfect Mom. Riiiiiight….

  • Feeling my baby inside my belly!

I saved the best for last. Even though it doesn’t compare with having your baby in your arms, feeling her move and kick within me was just amazing. At times it hurt and was annoying, but it was such a special conection that I had with her all the time and I treasure it!