Our PEPS baby girls!

Our PEPS baby girls!

…stands for Program for Early Parent Support. The Seattle-based organization brings new moms and their babies together for a 12 week course on all things parent-related. OK, not all things, but most! I first heard about PEPS from a mom at our church who recommended it, and then another couple moms recommended it as well. I did check it out and was able to join a group in my area.

Fast forward 12 weeks- we just had our last meeting today! The time has flown by, and the 9 moms & babies (all girls!) have bonded and I now consider many of them good friends! It was such a fun experience to be with other 1st time moms, with our babies all about the same age (Charis was the oldest and the youngest is 11 weeks younger).

We had an amazing leader, Julie, who is a great mom to 3 kids. She was really attentive to our needs, cared for us and our babies, and even made us baby food to try! She definitely made our PEPS experience awesome.

We’re having a picnic on Sunday and all couples will be there except for one, who is in Canada with her family. Apparently all the hubbies are a little hesitant to meet the others- I’ll let you know how it goes!

Bottom line: PEPS rocks and it should move to other cities. The end!