of a VitaMix 5200!!!! Shock of all shock- I still can’t believe it! I mentioned in my last post that I really wanted a BlendTec (basically same thing as a VitaMix), and while we were at the Puyallup Fair (more about that below), we got one!!! It’s amazing- Eric made a (somewhat) green smoothie this morning, and I’m excited to make soup in it (it brings items to a boil in 5-8 minutes) and make some baby food for Charis! I will post pictures and other fun recipes that I try out on it. šŸ™‚ Hooray!

We went to the Puyallup Fair Friday night with 6 kids rom our youth group and it was a blast. We saw animals, some guys saw the monster truck show, played some “you know you’ll never win but you play anyway” games like try to get the ring around the bottle, ate some yummy food (the scones lived up to their reputation- don’t tell Charis I had a bit of dairy!), and did Boogie Bodies.

This was the highlight of our evening (besides the previously-mentioned ownership of a VitaMix)- we had all 8 of us on stage with a green screen behind us, green cloths covering all of us except our heads, and wild singlasses. The staff of Boogie Bodies add dancing people under your head so it looks as if you are a bobblehead. We danced (moved our heads while the dancer people danced below us on the screen to the Carwash and got quite the applause from the crowd when we were done. There wasn’t a line, so the guy said for us to pick another song. We then struck gold: The Lord of the Dance. I do have the video of the 5 shirtless, hairy chest male dancers and drummers and 3 traditional Irish stepdancing women captured for all to see, which we showed at church in the youth group this morning. Awesome! I’ll post it on here for all to see, or on facebook.

To end our evening, Eric met Captain Jonathan of The Time Bandit, a crabbing boat from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch show. He got a picture with him and got a shirt. Awesome! All in all, a great evening, and Alissa watched Charis again for us- she’s a rockstar Charis-sitter! And Charis was good for her, going to bed and not fussing- what an angel! šŸ™‚ Sometimes.