is what Charis was diagnosed with yesterday at her Doctor appt. She said it was classic symptoms, and even though I haven’t been eating dairy, I have been eating whey, casein, and other milk proteins (which are surprisingly in lots of foods), which was causing the small amounts of blood. I have to modify my diet even more, but I can reintroduce dairy at 6, 9, and 12 months to see how she does. Most likely she’ll be A-OK by the time she’s a year old. Hooray!

I have considered doing a raw, natural food diet before, but now I have a reason to pursue it, and I’m going to go for it! I heard about from a podcast, Babies & Moms: Birth & Beyond. Robyn, the Green Smoothie Girl, was on the show and explained that has been on a raw food diet (60-80% of her meals are raw) since her kids were diagnosed with asthma when they were young. She didn’t want them on steroids and other medicines, so she looked into food as a natural way to help improve their health. She describes what we eat now as the Standard American Diet (SAD), and has a 12 step program to eat better, one month at a time. I have been working on the first step, which is eliminating coffee, tea, and soda (ummm, working on that part!) and drinking a green smoothie every day.

People around me have seen my green smoothies, and the reactions are interesting! My friend Shelly wants to try it, Eric thinks it’s horrendous (but he did drink <and liked!> some the other day- he just asked me not to tell him what was in it), and my coworkers thought I was nutty (they already know I’m a bit of a health nut, except for my love of fast food. Sigh). Anyways, green smoothies are pretty awesome, easy to make, yummy to eat (drink), and so good for you! I have some recipes, but mostly throw together things (a go-to is spinach, 2 bananas, frozen blueberries & mixed fruit), add some water, blend, and voila! My cuisinart blender does an A-OK job of blending (except for apples with the skins on- not so much!), but I am lusting over a Blendtec. Yes, they are outrageously expensive for a blender, but man can they blend (and more!). And anyone who knows me knows my slight addiction of kitchen gadgets (i.e. my coworker has suggested that I go to Bed Bath and Beyond and tell her all the things I want so she can complete her bridal registry!), and this takes the cake. There will be a live demo at our Costco (yes, I looked on their website)- last time they were there I quickly walked by, knowing my weakness. However, my birthday is coming up, so I think I’ll start the begging, convincing, and otherwise hint-dropping that I would LOVE to have one. I was writing about green smoothies, right? Right. I suggest you try them! I am happy to share recipes, yet feel free to experiment on your own. I usually add 16 oz of water and it makes a blender-full of yum. Also, blend very well. Obnoxiously well. The smoother the better. That’s why I should get a Blendtec, right honey? Oh yeah, Eric doesn’t read my blog…