…should be the title to my blog! I blog here, blog there, but not everywhere. Yet I love to read blogs. Maybe it’s because I can’t type fast with one hand, but I can read to my heart’s content while nursing Charis (where I only have 1 free hand). But I find myself checking out my dear friend Elisabeth’s blog often and bummed when it’s not updated, yet I haven’t updated my blog in nearly 3 months! Yikes!

Ok, so update time. Charis is 5 months & 3 days old now! Such a big girl. I’m back to work part time, and it’s super crazy with Dawg Daze in less than 2 weeks. Eric is as busy as ever, with the kiddos back in school and Sunday School & Youth Group back in full swing, in addition to being a football coach. Good times all around!

Charis is a chatty litle girl and loves hearing her voice! She does a somewhat-scream-somewhat-yell thing and just gets the biggest kick out of hearing herself. She is also way into her Johnny Jump Up, although she does tend to favor sucking on the fabric around the seat of it more than actually jump in it… still very cute! She’s smiling, laughing, almost rolling over, and generally super fun.

In not so great Charis news, we’re headed to the pediatric gastroenterologist on Wednesday to have her checked out- she has had some blood in her stools the past couple weeks. Our pediatrician thought it might be a dairy intolerance, so I have been off of all things dairy since it has happened (not fun for a milk, ice cream, cheese & yogurt loving Mom, but I’m willing to do anything for my ladybug!). We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our appointment and her overall health.

So I leave you with this- I will do my best to blog more often, and about fun things. I just read about a website, http://www.tweaktoday.com – it has daily missions for you to do and to post about- looks like a lot of fun! Today’s mission was to take a picture of the current weather. I wish I had at 7:00pm tonight- it was gorgeous in Seattle and the fluffy clouds echoed the great sunset. Good times!