The running joke when I was pregnant was always about the amount and assortment of snacks that I had with me (specifically in my office drawer) for when my hunger would strike (which was often throughout the day- anyone surprised about that fact?). Now that I live my life with only 1 arm and hand for the majority of the day, I eat a little differently. I find that if I have two hands free to eat, I gulp food down like no one’s business! Nevermind for real eating, though, as the title of this post is snacks.

My snacking comes into play during the middle of the night when I am up nursing Charis (have I shared that her nickname is Care Bear?). Every night I make sure that I have a good amount of snacks to last throughout the night and enough variety for me (again, I know you’re shocked). My latest choices have been: Organic multigrain & flaxseed crackers with almond butter spread on them and made into sandwiches, Nature’s Valley peanut butter granola bars, Quaker Chewy granola bars (last night was peanut butter & chocolate chips), dried cranberries, and raw almonds. Any suggestions for what might be a good addition?

I also have plenty of fluids: 24 oz of water and 32 oz of something else (has been Ruby Red Grapefruit crystal light, iced tea, lemon-lime gatorade, and lately, a mix of iced tea and lemon-lime gatorade <I thought this would be OK, but it’s really not>). So now you know what I munch and sip on throughout the evening. Also know that I think of calling my East Coast ladies when I am up at a somewhat-reasonable-time-for-a-workday-morning phone call, but then think about not doing it as to not wake my sleeping hubby next to me. On second thought, if I call and “accidentally” wake him up, he might change Charis’ diaper…