No, this doesn’t have anything to do with ships or sailing, but rather shipping rates and a review of wonderfully quick shipping from retailers! (And yes, another quick post from Momma Jen- this is what happens when I have a sleepy Charis on my chest and have the use of two hands to type!)

I have placed a couple of online orders in the past week or so for diapers, cloth diapers, and detergent for the cloth diapers. I have been absolutely amazed with the shipping of Green Mountain Diapers and the first came in 2 days, and my order came in 1 day! I was especially thrilled about this order, as I didn’t have to pay for shipping and was running out of diapers yesterday. I was debating when to run to the store when the order came right to my front door (and it was raining- yeah for not going out in the rain!)! It was quite awesome.

As for the detergent, that is taking a bit longer to get here- my order was finalized on Monday and I won’t get it until next Monday! I find this a bit ironic, as they are using FedEx for their shipping from North Carolina. Green Mountain Diapers shipped with USPS, and used ontrac for shipping. My interesting thoughts for the day!