Sunday, April 5th, and it was nearly 70 degrees, sunny, and gorgeous in Seattle! I knew it was going to be a great weekend, so I was kind of hoping EJ would stay put so I could fully enjoy the sun and not be stuck in a hospital while other Seattlites were frolicking in the sun! So thanks to EJ for listening to his Mom! 🙂 The next two days are supposed to be just as great, so if EJ wants to start his life out on his due date, I am A-OK with relaxing the next two days!

My last day of work was Friday- hooray! We had a festival of food, including tater tots on campus at By George for breakfast, nachos for lunch at the Big Time Brewery on the Ave, and happy hour at Atlas with my colleagues and Eric. It was quite a nice day, and I’m feeling good about how I left the office, as I tried my best to have everything organized and ready to go for whoever may need help with Dawg Daze while I am out.  Now begins my 126 days (18 weeks) away from work, and I still can’t believe that I’m not going to work tomorrow! It feels quite surreal, but I know that surreal bubble will burst once the contractions kick in!

I think I had a couple contractions yesterday, but nothing that was painful, so I don’t think they were the real deal. I’m still feeling really good and am just excited to meet EJ! I’m not too anxious about when EJ will arrive, I just want it to be sooner than later, as I don’t want to be induced. Our last scheduled Dr Appt is tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll see how things are moving along and get our Dr’s official thoughts on when she thinks EJ will arrive. Eric is definitely more anxious than I am, and keeps telling EJ when would be a good time for labor based on what he has planned for the day. For instance, he is convinced he will arrive tomorrow, because he is scheduled to go to UW’s football practice in the afternoon. 🙂 Ah, my hubby.

I’m off to get some more cleaning done- this nesting thing is cracking me up! Just about every free moment of the day I find myself thinking about what I can clean/organize and I get pretty antsy about doing it immediately. Fun stuff! At least our bags are packed and by the door should EJ start heading out. We’ll keep you up to date!