So I have been quite the poor blogger in the past couple months. Call it nesting, exhaustion, or simply being pregnant and busy, but it hasn’t been on the forefront of my mind, and I apologize to my diligent readers! 🙂 Now that my confession is out, onto the important topic: EJ! I’m 10 days away from my due date and ready to go whenever EJ is! Eric was 10 days early, and I was 10 days late, so we could have EJ today or in 20 days! Actually, we’ll most likely see EJ by April 12/13th at the latest due to insurance concerns and the risk of going too far past the due date. Eric’s parents leave for a mission trip with our church this coming Wednesday, so of course they are hoping s/he comes by Tuesday! We would be A-OK with that as well!

EJ continues to dance, kick and jab his/her Mom all the time, and my belly is getting bigger by the day! I have included some pictures below for you all to see of the nursery and my belly. I can’t believe that this pregnancy is almost over- I will definitely miss having EJ in my belly (although the recent punching sessions are leaving me more excited for him/her to be outside in the big world!), my pregnancy clothes (I do love them, even though my pants are having a hard time staying up right now), and having EJ with me 24/7! I am excited for us to meet EJ face to face and for EJ to meet the rest of the world and to be a Mom!

I have one more week of work (unless EJ arrives early), and I wish I didn’t have to go! Partially because I am exhausted and would like to stay at home and work on super cleaning and organizing (yes, I am nesting like crazy- I washed both couch slipcovers yesterday and swept our entire living room- I’m a tad on the furious cleaning side right now), and also because I don’t want to chat with our entire office about how I’m feeling,  when the baby is coming, if EJ is kicking, and all the other details of the day. This talk is fine and exciting with my coworkers in FYP, but can be a bit much from the 18 advisers whenever I go to the bathroom (which is all the time) or walk around the office. My plan of action is to stay in my office or leave through the backdoor as much as possible this week!  Wish me luck!

As soon as things start moving, we’ll do our best to put updates on facebook and/or to call when EJ arrives. Fun stuff! Enjoy the pictures!