It’s Sunday evening and I have been working all weekend, as we have just finished hosting the NODA (National Orientation Directors Association) Region 1 Conference. It started Friday afternoon and ended earlier today. Needless to say, I am exhausted! Add to this the fact that I have had a sore throat since Thursday, which crossed the line to a cold today, and voila, you have one stuffy, tired momma-to-be.

There’s a lot I want to do around the house, like clean and work on my glider, but I don’t have quite the same amount of energy that is needed! I took a long nap today and feel like continuing that when I go to sleep early tonight… 🙂

EJ is doing well and continues to squirm around, although I have noticed slightly less movement than before, which is A-OK with me. As much as I enjoy a good punch to the side of my belly, I’m quite content with just the occasional nudge! I’m at 35 weeks now, so only 5 or so more weeks to go! My last planned day of work is April 3rd, which is a shocking one month and 2 days away! And then we get to meet EJ! Hooray!