EJ continues to grow, wriggle, and squirm in my belly, and I am loving feeling him move all the time! Right now as I type he moves around and my belly looks like something from an alien movie. I’ll try to capture it on video, yet it happens so quickly it’s tough to capture!

We had our 2nd ultrasound last week and we got another profile picture- you’ll notice the nose is still the same from our 1st ultrasound to this one!

2nd ultrasound1st ultrasound

It’s fun to see how much bigger EJ is since the 1st one- that’s still my stomach, and room is getting to be a premium! I can’t imagine how much bigger I will get in the coming 6 weeks, although I’m sure I’ll be understanding sooner than later! I hear my belly will go from a cute round belly to an odd-shaped belly with protruding body parts. I regularly play the game “Guess the body part” on the right side of my belly- EJ’s head is down towards my left hip, so I get all sorts of limbs in the middle and on the right side of my belly! It’s lots of fun!

Here are some updated pics of the belly!

Eric and I at our friend Megan's weddingGetting bigger!The belly in my cute new dress