Update #2, aka, what’s been happening in our lives the past 2 weeks!

EJ is kicking, punching, wriggling, flipping, and whatever else s/he feels like any given moment of the day for quite some time! My mom & sister got to feel some moves, and two coworkers have as well. Sometimes I am completely surprised by the somewhat turbulent moves, and other times it’s wonderfully fun, like fingers drumming on my belly, only from the inside out. Oh, and Dillen absolutely LOVES EJ- in Cali she would constantly hug & kiss my belly, asking if EJ was hungry, sleeping, having fun, etc. Too cute!

Pregnancy is going well- I’m in week 29 and still feeling good! Breathing has become a tad of a chore at some points, and my back is achy every once in awhile, but for the most part, I’m still enjoying pregnancy and having fun chatting with EJ whenever he or she moves. A coworker whose wife just had their 2nd child in September tells me I have about 4 more weeks to go until I start wanting to be done- I’ll let you know if & when it happens! I’m sure it will- it seems like April will be here in no time, but it’s still 10 weeks to go & grow!

Eric just got back from winter camp with 2 other churches today, and he is sick. It happens when you play with kids lots, are out in the cold, not sleeping a ton, and missing your wife. (No, the last one isn’t scientifically proven, but I would put money on it). I’m feeling better and am able to take care of him- yes, I got sick Friday night and Saturday morning, boo! I thought I was back to a third trimester morning sickness bout, but so far, appears to have been a food issue because I’m feeling better now. I’m just glad it was a 3 day weekend so I was able to rest & get back on my feet before going back to work tomorrow.

Work is pretty much the same- we started our winter quarter on January 5th and I ran our Winter Welcome event on the 7th for our incoming transfer students. It was quite a successful event, if I do say so myself! The state budget and the impact it will have on our campus is the continued point of discussion, yet no one knows anything for sure. So we get to sit and talk about possibilities of the range of budget cuts that will be made and how it will affect our work. It was announced on Saturday that there will be no new students at UW this spring due to the budget and overenrollment. Fun times ahead!

I think that’s about it for now. We have another one of our monthly doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and then I think we’re onto every other week, then weekly at 36 weeks. I can’t believe time is flying by so quickly! Soon we’ll get to meet EJ face to face- so exciting!!!