Yes, it’s pathetic that it’s January 19th and it’s my first post of the new year. Alas, here goes the updates!

California for Christmas: We had a great time in SoCal for 10 days, from December 24th through January 4th, although the time did fly by a bit too quickly for our our liking! We barely made it out, as it started snowing again in Seattle the morning of our flight, and flights after us were grounded. We also barely made it back home, as we got stranded in Portland for 3 hours on the return flight, after it started snowing again in Seattle and the airport shut down for a bit. Thank goodness there hasn’t been any snow since then!

We ate LOTS while in Cali, including:

  • In-N-Out (twice- EJ likes the double doubles and animal style fries!)
  • Carl’s Jr (burgers & fries)
  • Del Taco (the best fast food mexican)
  • El Torito (brunch)
  • Tustin Ranch (brunch)
  • La Chiquita (amazing chips n cheese & enchiladas)
  • Ruby’s (burgers, fries & shakes)
  • Hot Dog on a Stick (the obvious plus cheese on a stick)
  • Rubio’s (tacos)
  • Islands (burgers & mexican)
  • and other staples, including Olive Garden, Denny’s, & TGI Friday’s

Yes, I know, it was lots. What can I say? When I go to SoCal, I have to have the yummy food that I love. Sad news regarding favorite foods: El Conejo, one of my most favorite mexican fast food restaurants, lost their lease. 😦 I did not get my fill of amazing quesadillas from El Conejo, but I survived.

We spent time with family, Eric got to golf with my Dad, I watched an alumni water polo game (didn’t feel the need to subject EJ to kicking women by me playing just quite yet), got to see several friends, and enjoyed the warm weather when it stuck around for us. Good times! Here are some highlight pics from the trip!