UW finally decided to “suspend operations” today for all 3 campuses- this was a major feat, as the Tacoma and Bothell campuses have had snow days since last week, but it was a first for Seattle! And, to top things off, Seattle is closed again tomorrow, while the other campuses are planning on opening at 10/11. Hooray for us!

We had to cancel our youth group Christmas party Saturday night, but we had some folks make it to our house to hang out, decorate a gingerbread house, and hang out by the fire! The snow continued to fall until this morning, when we got a break from the storm and things began to melt a bit. Here are some pics of our front yard from this morning, the church, and the gathering Saturday evening. It’s hard to see how much snow we have (LOTS!), but check out the fence and the icicles off of the church.

We’re headed to SoCal early Wednesday morning for Christmas- keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as several flights have been canceled out of SeaTac and we’re hoping to make it at our scheduled time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!