It’s Thursday and I am at home! We are in the midst of a winter storm- our 2nd since Saturday and expecting a 3rd on Sunday- and it has already snowed 6 inches! I attempted to drive to work this morning, but alas, the roads were crazy icy and covered in snow, so I quickly retreated back home. Thank goodness for remote connecting to my work computer to be able to send a couple emails and to be at home with my hubby and kitties! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

EJ Update: She (no, we still don’t know, I’m switching between saying she and he, so for this post, EJ is a girl) has been kicking, wriggling, and moving on a daily basis! It’s fun to feel and sometimes I’m quite taken aback by her crazy moves she does! It felt like she was bouncing on my bladder the other day at work- needless to say I visited the restroom a record amount throughout the day.

Here are two more pictures Eric’s dad just took of Eric and I in front of our house!